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Dr Ed Redard NLP Hypnosis True Colors Diet StylesMindful Health Institute was established in 1997 out of the desire to make the tools of rapid change and personal transformation available to professionals and everyday individuals, like me and you!

The Institute is dedicated to the discovery, refinement, and training of the tools and techniques that assist individuals and groups in harnessing the power of their unconscious mind-body connection. This is done through developing new and unique applications of Temperament & Personality Theory, Hypnosis, and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) in relation to health, well-being, attitude and personal achievement.

After years of research, observation, and refinement; Mindful Health Institute has available a set of Neurological patterns, both verbal and nonverbal, which impact the human nervous system to produced the results you desire. Now, what result do you want to produce today?

Head Faculty
Ed Redard, M.D. - President, Research & Development, Master Trainer

Mary Miscisin, M.S. - Master Trainer, Department Chair-Personality & Communication

Matthew Miscisin- Dean of Students & Master Trainer
Product of the Month
PERSONALITY LINGO: Use the Power of Your Personality to Transform Relationships, Improve Communication, and Reduce Stress

Personality Lingo by Mary MiscisinThink of the people you interact with throughout your day. Do you find some are a pleasure – while others are more of a pain? Each of us has our own style, preferences and ways of operating, how do we bring out the best in each other instead of driving each other crazy? Mary Miscisin shows us the way in this update of her classic book Showing Our True Colors. 

Playfully illustrated, 
Personality Lingo is a fun, easy guide for identifying personality styles and understanding why people behave as they do. Through lighthearted anecdotes, humorous cartoons and convenient reference lists, Miscisin conveys complex personality concepts in easy to comprehend layman language. Go beyond simple identification of your personality to discover immediately useful methods for practical application of the concepts. You’ll find tips for appreciating and relating to each style along with ways to open up lines of communication, reduce stress and transform relationships – even ones you thought were impossible. 

In Personality Lingo the previous color terms have been updated to reflect easy to remember descriptors: 

Blues are CONNECTORS – they like to connect with others and grow from their life experiences. They naturally connect meaning to actions and events & see easily see how one concept connects to another and to the bigger picture. They often let life unfold instead of trying to control their direction. Rather, they want their path or purpose to be revealed to them from life circumstances. 

Golds are PLANNERS – they crave consistency and have a penchant for planning. Steadfast, reliable and conscientious, this style aims to create a life that is safe and secure. This inclination drives them to make check lists for tasks and create back-up plans in case things don’t go as anticipated. They usually have a well-defined picture of what things need to be done, in the order it should be done for successful completion. 

Greens are THINKERS – they may spend a great deal of time lost in their thoughts and ideas and can derive great pleasure from doing so. They can hardly resist fixing, solving or figuring out an intellectual challenge, especially when someone says it cannot be done. They have a voracious appetite for knowledge and crave competency. The motivational fires are fueled by learning, imagination and invention. 

Oranges are MOVERS – known as “Movers and Shakers”, not only do they like to move their own bodies, they move others to action. As fun-seekers, they like to keep things lively, entertaining, and moving along. They move from subject to subject in conversations, move priorities on a moment’s notice and can move mountains with their motivation and delegation skills. They resist relationships and careers that are routine. They would rather be surprised by what life has to offer in the moment. 

Whether you speak a letter lingo (such as MBTI), a color lingo (such as Don Lowry’s True Colors) or other descriptor lingo (such as Keirsey Temperaments) you will easily recognize the Personality Lingo attributed to each style.

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Cool Site of The Month

Personality Lingo

  FREE PERSONALITY LINGO Personality Test- True enough to it'sPersonality Lingo FREE Personality Test name, the Personality Lingo Personality Test is a fun, FREE, and personalized Personality Style Personality Test. Taking the Personality Lingo Test is easy. Simply go to Personality Lingo and click on the box "Take the FREE Personality Test". Follow the the instructions by entering your true name and true email, and you will be taken to the interactive free Personality Test. At the end, you will receive your Personality Lingo Personality results with your personalized Personality Style Line-Up. I found my results reflected my true personality! Eerily so! See if the test is true for you!

To find out more beyond this basic Personality Test, read Personality Lingo by Mary Miscisin.


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Personality Lingo Personality Test.

The Personality Lingo Personality Test  is the true way to learn more about yourself. Click below to take the free quiz!


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