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Cause & Effect

Does reading this mean that you are interested?


Cause and effect patterns come in the structure of :" When you X, then Y will happen"

In order for the listener to make sense of this, they have to do "X" and search for "Y" happening. Take for instance the following sentence:

"When you take a deep breath and close your eyes, feelings of deep relaxation will flow over you"

On the surface it looks like a completely reasonable sentence, and likely true. But is it always 100% true? Is it possible to close your eyes and take a deep breath and not have relaxation? Of course it is! So there is no direct link between the two, but stating it in this way will create a linkage for the listener if we have adequate rapport. Using cause effect statements are a great way to build new beliefs for clients also.

Some more examples:

As you study with Mindful Health Institute, you will begin making changes in all areas of your life.

When you access that state new choices are available to you.

Being here means you really want to learn.

Now that we have recognized that we have a challenge we can begin work to solve it.

Your reading this article indicates you're willing to use these language patterns in new and delightful ways.

Since you're committed to feeling good, there should be many ways of accomplishing that.

Since you have read this far, you probably already know that you will click here to go to the next lesson, don't you?

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