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Communicate to Motivate -
Using Unconscious Motivation to Unlock Stubborn Behavior

"Yeah - But!" How many times do you hear this throughout the course of your day, followed by some argument or lame excuse? If there was a way to easily and effectively deal with "stubborn" behavior, you'd want to know about it, wouldn't you? By attending this workshop you'll learn the principles of Motivating Language and master the techniques that induce Unconscious Motivation. You can immediately use these powerful psychological principles to trigger a person to feel the inner motivation to change without appearing to apply any external pressure at all. Now how fun is that!

Program Objectives

As a participant you will:

  1. Identify the elements of effective communication, persuasion, and motivation;
  2. Identify elements of rapport, and how to generate it on command;
  3. Describe the three major Meta-Programs (the unconscious processes that alter our behavior); and
  4. Identify Transformational Vocabulary. How to use it to shift your state, and the states of whoever you may meet!
Whenever my counterpart and I pull together our team of 30 sales representatives, it’s always a challenge to present an agenda that incorporates challenge, interest, enjoyment, and education. However, that is exactly what your program delivered to our team! I have rarely had such positive feedback from so many of my district members. They were able to see the potential in what we all learned and on subsequent work contacts, I observed the principles being put into action. I didn’t just observe them being used, but I was excited to observe the difference they seemed to make. Little “tweaks” in our communication techniques can reap incredible results.

-GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals-North America


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