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Ed Redard, M.D.
Ed Redard MD
President of Mindful Health, Researcher, Master Trainer

Dr. Redard has practiced Family Medicine in Sacramento for the last twenty-five years. As one of the frustrated participants in the Managed Care setting, he came to the point that many of us have and realized that there “must be a better way”. While in the throws of rising health care costs, shorter appointments and the focus on “Disease Management” as opposed to the Holistic view of “Health Enhancement” he set out on a journey to develop what he now calls Profound Healing; that is, the little changes that make all the difference.

 His pilgrimage led him to Neuro-Linguistic Programming where he learned the profound influence which verbal and non-verbal communication have on the human psyche; Ericksonian Hypnotic Therapies which uncover a persons unconscious beliefs and how to align these to influence health and disease; Personality Therapy using the Personality Lingo System which teaches clients to use the strength of their Temperament for deep and profound healings; and lastly Motivational Therapies where a persons conscious and unconscious resistance to improvement are released and replaced with a united drive to succeed in reaching their goals. These techniques are equally applicable in the business setting and have been used successfully by individuals in both blue and white-collar fields.

Over the years he has presented and impacted thousands, both individuals and groups, by using these inventive techniques and therapies, and showed thousands more how to use Profound Healing© daily in their lives to get more of the result they want.

The question that Dr. Redard asks his participants to ponder is, “Are you prepared to now get the results you want?”


Mary Miscisin Personality Lingo 
Mary Miscisin, M.S.
Master Trainer & Content Development Chairman.
Department Chair -  Division of Personality & Communication

Mary Miscisin is best known for her high energy and engaging style that makes learning easy and fun. Her speaking career got started as the 2nd oldest in a family of 10 children when she had to jump up and down, wave her arms, and shout to be heard.

(Some things never change!)

Bundled with all that energy is an extensive background in health and wellness education. From her Masters degree—combining psychology, communication and health education—to University instructor, and over 20 years of facilitating employee wellness programs for hospital-based, University, Community College, K-12 School Districts and Government Agencies.

She is the author of Showing Our True Colors—A Fun, Easy Guide for Understanding and Appreciating Yourself and Others, used for relationship-building and problem-solving by organizations as far-ranging as the Department of the Navy to Disneyland! Her work has been published in Shape Magazine and Woman’s World as well as featured on radio shows throughout the U.S. and Canada.

After 10 years of additional research, development, story gathering and making additional distinctions Mary has released an updated version of Showing Our True Colors as Personality Lingo. You can get your copy of Personality Lingo by clicking here.

Mary is a certified practitioner of Neuro-Linguistics and a skilled trainer of various communication methods integrating personality theory, cognitive psychology and experience.

Government agencies such as the Association of Governmental Risk Pools, Department of Motor Vehicles, Department of Criminal Justice Planning, and the California Association of Highway Patrolman; hundreds of school districts from the University of Oshkosh in Wisconsin to Desert Sands Unified in California; private industry such as Cal Farm Insurance and Gallo Winery; service organizations including the Society for Insurance Trainers and Educators and the California Association of School Business Officials have enjoyed her fast-paced presentations that provide immediately useful ways to deal more effectively with everyday challenges.

Mary Miscisin has consistently provided a variety of trainings in the United States and Canada since 1985. Her interactive format makes learning easy and fun,  reducing conflict and stress by improving communication, problem-solving, and team effort. The result is increased energy, work satisfaction, and personal fulfillment.

Check out her personal site at: PositivelyMary.com or Personalitylingo.com


Matthew Miscisin
Dean of Students  &
Master Trainer

Professor of Neural-Muscular Association at the Mindful Health Institute©, Matthew Miscisin has spent more than a decade focusing his research on the study of the relationship between movement and learning. Using his experience in a variety of fields, ranging from Applied Kinesthetics to Emotional Physiology, Prof. Miscisin has developed numerous techniques for enhancing learning and motivation which he calls Cyber-Psycho Dynamics©. His course work emphasizes the effects of the Mind-Body interaction on learning and motivation behind behaviors. Prof. Miscisin devotes his work to helping individuals live the most fulfilling lives possible. He assists them in understanding the intricate relationship between physical and emotional states, and then applying that understanding to every day life.



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