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The Language we use is important, isn't it?

Greetings! I don't know about you, but I'm still enjoying the good feelings that were generated as we completed the last training. As a way to continue these good feelings, and as a method to retain the things we learned, I thought it would be great share some distinctions and tips specifically in the area of language patterns. It has been said that when others modeled Virginia Satir (the great Family Therapist) they didn't always replicate the results she produced, and a big reason was they didn't replicate her language patterns. You may have already begun to notice how important language is in how effective you are in daily life. In fact, it has been said that Richard Bandler commented that NLP is just hypnotic language patterns mixed with things to do to keep the conscious mind busy. Now I don't believe that 100%, but I do know that language patterns can be the difference that makes the difference.

The following is a good frame to put around language patterns. It is taken from Advance Language Pattern Mastery, by Larry McLaughlin:

One of the surest and quickest ways to improve your NLP and communication skill is to increase your knowledge and skill in the use of language and language patterns. Whether you want to increase your language ability to improve your daily relationships, increase your success with NLP interventions, be more persuasive and influential in your occupation or just increase your everyday effectiveness; you can do it through I language.

It does not matter what you want to accomplish or avoid today; it is likely that you will use language in accomplishing it. So, no matter what you want to achieve or avoid, learning and making the language patterns, outlined in this workshop, available both at a conscious and an unconscious level will help you immensely. In fact, you may begin to make extensive changes through the use of only language patterns.

One side effect you will notice is that you will automatically begin to hear and change the language that has been limiting you and begin to use language to create new possibilities in all areas of your life.

Language patterns are one of the most pervasively useful areas of NLP, because anytime you are speaking the words you are saying makes a tremendous difference. You will find that as you consciously incorporate the language patterns in this workshop into your daily life you will be able to make changes in all areas of your life.

Being in business, I have found language and language patterns extremely useful. There is one caution, I wish to address: when you use these powerful techniques, in business or other areas, you must keep in mind that both/all parties must win. Being concerned only about what you want and not what the other person wants is a sure way to end what could be a long-term relationship.

Anytime you are talking to someone, including yourself, it is relevant what words you I use. Use language patterns to move yourself and others in a direction that results in a win-win situation.

Please remember that language patterns are not only auditory- they are also visual and kinesthetic. We really are talking about a full verbal and nonverbal experience. As we move our own experiences in the direction that we want to move, we can notice how what we say and do matches the experiences we want to have and make whatever changes that are necessary to positively affect ourselves and others.

So now on to today's topic. You're ready to learn and use something new, aren't you?

The next topic for today is Tag Questions! You can click here to find out more, can't you?


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