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By now you may already wish to purchase some of these breakthrough products. If you could really have what you want, you would go for it, wouldn't you? You deserve to make the investment in your future. However, the choice to invest in your future and change your life is up to you. What are you waiting for? Rest assured, all products come with an unconditional 100% money back guarantee.

Audio Products
Deep Relaxation And Peaceful Sleep
  Take a ride on the dream machine...
Unreasonably Abundant Happiness
  Why just get rid of depression when you can have unreasonable happiness?
Keeping Fear A Thing Of The Past
  Lots of programs teach you how to reduce fear. But what if fear could be kept in the past, where it belongs now? So that fear was just a faded memory...

Personality Lingo by Mary Miscisin
Personality Lingo by author Mary Miscisin

By Mary Miscisin
Filled with easy-to-use tools for personal growth, this delightful, energy-packed book will help you uncover the power of the Personality Lingo® process. You will discover the characteristics behind each of the four Personality Styles, as well as tips for understanding, appreciating, and relating to each style. The end result will be a celebration of the uniqueness in yourself and others.

Whether you speak a letter lingo (such as MBTI), a color lingo (such as Don Lowry’s True Colors) or other descriptor lingo (such as Keirsey Temperaments) you will easily recognize the Personality Lingo attributed to each style.

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Mindful Health Institute has highly skilled faculty facilitating each training

Participants will enjoy transformative,
ground-breaking, thought-provoking,
& mind-bending activities and insights!

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