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Harnessing Rapport

The Bond That Invites Action

Being successful in the business world is a direct function of rapport. It doesnít matter how terrific a product you make, or service you offer, if you fail at enrolling customers in yourself and hence, your company.

Consider this - as a consumer, how often have you turned away from a product simply because you didnít feel good about the person from whom you were buying? Conversely, how often have you bought something from a friend even if that friend was a lousy salesperson? The difference is rapport!

Behavioral Psychologists state that rapport is the most important ingredient in influencing another personís behavior; so how do you create it? Up until now it may have been a matter of chance; sometimes it was there, sometimes it wasnít. By attending this session and learning the principles of Neuro Linguistic Programming, you will discover the methods to develop, maintain and strengthen rapport whenever you want to.

Program Objectives:

As a result of the successful completion of this program, you will:

  • Practice and begin mastering systems for creating immediate unconscious rapport.

  • Develop the skills of matching and mirroring, pacing and leading and how to give effective compliments to the unconscious mind.

  • Learn how we all process information and think with one of three representational systems, and the language that influences each.

  • If time permits, how a persons eye movements give a clue to what they are thinking.

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