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Tag Questions.

We want to use tag questions, don't we?

You may have noticed how some people end every sentence with a question, haven't you? And knowing this, we can use this to direct a persons experience, can't we? In fact, if you put what you want person to notice, do, say or experience before a tag question it almost seems to jump out at you, doesn't it?

The part of the sentence before the question is called the embedded command. I've found that it works best if you drop your voice tone slightly as you say the embedded command, and then raise your voice tone with the question.

You can remember embedded command, can't you? ..... See how that works?
A few more examples:

Those feelings feel good, don't they?
You can remember that, can't you?
We can leave early, can't we?
You'd be willing to replace that behavior with another, wouldn't you?
A person can have deep and profound relaxation, can' they?
You can take $5 off the price, can't you?

It gets fun when you string together a bunch of embedded commands:

A person can come to class, participate fully, learn valuable new things, and apply them in the future, can't they?

Some additional endings of tag questions are:
•Aren’t they?
•Aren’t you?
•Can’t you?
•Couldn’t it?
•Doesn’t it?
•Don’t you agree?
•Don’t we?
•Shouldn’t it?
•Wouldn’t it?
•Haven’t they?
•Hasn’t he?
•Hasn’t she?
•Isn’t it?
•Isn’t that right?
•Doesn’t it?
•Wasn’t it?
•Won’t they?
•Won’t you?

Because you are a creative person, you can begin using these today, can't you? You will email me with your success stories, won't you?

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