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Work is a 4 Letter Word!

New attitude for the same old job

Everyone wants lasting satisfaction in their life but some people have succumbed to the “Celebrity Syndrome.” The Mass media has popularized the thinking that the only way to have satisfaction in life is to be rich and that being rich is all parties and glamour. It has become so steeped in our culture that what used to be considered a good work ethic is now considered sucking up to the boss. There is hope. You don’t have to kiss butt to be a kick butt employee.

Program Description

Are there any parts of your job that you don't thoroughly enjoy? What if you could transform work from a pain in the neck to a real pleasure? In order to get more of what you actually want out of your job, you'll have to discover what your work really provides for you and reveal the true identity of your boss. Experts say disconnecting our job title from our identity can allow us to truly reconnect to our motivations for work and increase personal fulfillment.

As you participate in this attention-grabbing session presented by national trainer Matthew Miscisin, you'll find new ways to look at the same old job; and tap into old wisdom for new insights. Employers and staff will both see the value of turning "Same #%*# different day" attitudes into genuine job satisfaction.

 Key Benefits

  • Derive greater joy from work!
  • Reveal the true identity of your boss!
  • Learn how to appreciate your own contributions and the contributions of others.
  • Discover the rewards of investing in your value as an employee!
  • Dissolve problems by being part of the solution.
  • Improve communication with supervisors for a better work environment.
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